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On May 1st this year, the epidemic in Beijing has loosened a lot, and Gun Gun invited his old mother to go north to reunite.


The old mother took a break at home and asked: What would you like to eat?


Guns and guns didn't hesitate for a second: 饸饹面 (the Gansu dialect is called huo luo, and Shanxi is called he luo). Potatoes, tofu, and a little green leafy vegetables are made into soup. The hot oil is poured with bright red peppers, and the live dough is placed in the "bed" to form noodles like white jade. A bowl of noodles sucked down, the guns and guns only felt comfortable, and I wanted to sigh with happiness.


For a person from Gansu, or to be more specific, for a person from Longdong, Gansu, the fascination with noodles is as natural as breathing.


Gansu people love pasta, and they love it blatantly.


Beef noodles, scorched noodles, fried noodles, sour soup noodles, water noodles, oil splashed noodles, la Tiaozi noodles...No way, the Hexi Corridor area of ​​Gansu is the earliest place to grow wheat in China. Thousands of years of wind and rain have established the "king status" of wheat.


Every place has its own bowl of noodles. For Longdong people, this bowl of noodles is 饹饹 noodles.


This glutinous rice noodle is definitely not a meal on the table. In the past, the major events in the life of Longdong people, weddings and funerals, weddings and gatherings (called "troubles" in the native dialect), we must set up a soup pot and let the guests eat this bowl of noodles.


The most lively place in the whole table noodles is the place where the noodles are pressed. A big iron pot was boiled with greasy soup, and on the other big iron pot, there was a person-high "bed" (a tool for pressing noodles). Pressing noodles is a personal effort, usually done by a strong young man. The kneaded noodles, the pressed noodles, and the noodles are closely matched, and a dozen bowls of noodles are out of the pot in a few minutes.


In the past, every family had to ask their neighbors, relatives and friends to help, which was called "do it for you" in the local dialect. Those who make glutinous noodles in "Do it for work" must be good hands within a few kilometers. In order not to lose the chain on the day of "work", they start preparing the ingredients one day in advance. Because the level of the noodles may determine the level of the noodles. The noodles are not delicious, and people in the quotation (xing qing, meaning to follow the elements in the native dialect) would definitely not rate the noodles high.


After the guests have finished their relationship, the people who have been involved in the host’s house will greet you enthusiastically and ask you to eat noodles first (in the native dialect, "drink soup"). Eating noodles also pay attention to, a bowl of red and bright oily soup, accompanied by a bowl of long vigorous noodles. Pass the noodles into the soup, and continue to add the noodles after the noodles are eaten. Change the noodles without changing the soup. On the noodle table, salt, vinegar, spicy oil and other seasonings are all available, and side dishes such as pickled leeks, pickled peppers, mixed radish, bean sprouts, and cucumber are pleasing to the eye.


There is a certain kind of equality in eating noodles on the table. In front of a bowl, everyone had forgotten their identity, sitting and squatting standing, just fighting with their faces.


For many years, Gun Gun has always felt that the "troubled" gluttons are the best and want to eat more bowls. This feeling will resonate with the blogger @反防衩個地:

多年来,Gun Gun一直认为“麻烦的”嘴是最好的,并且想吃更多的碗。这种感觉会引起博客作者@反防衩个地:

In fact, the "foul" glutinous rice noodles are a bit oily and salty, and there are not many "eggs" (potatoes, tofu, meat, etc.) in them, but they like it.


When eating noodles in the South, they pay attention to "listen to the opera, eat noodles and eat soup", and value soup and toppings. How the noodles regress is second.


Northerners eat noodles and pay more attention to what noodles can make.


You can use all white noodles for glutinous rice noodles, but Gungun likes buckwheat noodles with white noodles. Soba noodles come from buckwheat, which is a kind of grains. Compared to white noodles, soba noodles have a relatively rough texture.


The noodles of glutinous rice noodles should not be soft. When activating the noodles, use boiling water (add a little salt) to iron the noodles. When it is hot, slowly pour the water, and slowly stir it with a rolling pin while stirring. The water is almost poured. Knead the dough back and forth with your hands until the dough is smooth and tough. After waking up for more than ten minutes, take it out and knead it a few times, cut into moderately sized portions, and knead it into a cylinder.


As for the soup of glutinous rice noodles, Gun Gun most likes mutton soup made from diced radish, tofu, and mutton. Potato diced, pork diced, daylily diced, and frangipani are also regulars in the soup. But no matter what kind of soup it is, it is best to have red oil on top to stimulate vision and taste at the same time. The glutinous rice noodles can also be mixed dry, both meat and vegetarian. When eating noodles, it is best to have some side dishes. The most common noodle mates are pickled leeks and pickled peppers.

至于糯米粉汤,Gun Gun最喜欢用萝卜丁,豆腐和羊肉制成的羊肉汤。土豆丁,猪肉丁,黄花菜丁和鸡蛋花也是汤中的常客。但是无论汤是哪种汤,最好都在上面加红油以同时刺激视觉和味觉。糯米粉也可以混合干,包括肉和素食。吃面条时,最好有一些配菜。最常见的面条伴侣是腌韭菜和腌辣椒。

Gun Gun was crazy long when he was in junior high school, and he had a huge appetite. Every day at noon, he could eat a large bowl of soup with glutinous rice, a large bowl of dry mixed glutinous rice, and go to a nap after eating. After graduating from junior high school, his weight reached the peak of 125 pounds!

Gun Gun在初中时就疯了很久,而且胃口很大。每天中午,他可以吃一大碗糯米汤,一大碗干混合糯米,吃完后小睡一会儿。初中毕业后,他的体重达到了125磅的峰值!

The most indispensable thing in making glutinous noodles is the machine to suppress glutinous noodles-the "bed". In the Korean drama "Crash Landing of Love," the machine that Hyun Bin used to press for Son Ye Jin is what we call the bed.


When using, put the glutinous rice bed on the pot, put the mixed dough into the cavity with circular mesh at the bottom, and use the principle of leverage to press the long bar manually to drive the cork to squeeze the dough, and the noodles leak directly The boiling water in the pot. In the current bed, the circular meshes are detachable, with thick and thin.


Most of the earlier beds were made of wood and stood as tall as a person. For some big beds, it is impossible to press by one person, and at least two people must work hard at the same time. Some big beds are still collective property, and it will be passed on to whoever wants to do it.


The bed nowadays has evolved into a body shape more suitable for small families. There is no need to support the pot, and the noodles can be pressed out of thin air, but require higher arm strength


There are also medium-sized, but relatively labor-saving. Of course, the most labor-saving is the electric bed. It is said that many glutinous noodle restaurants now use electric beds.


Gun Gun's old mother sent Gun Gun a small bed. After writing this, Gun Gun will go to make money!饹! surface! Up! Which bowl of noodles do you like best in your hometown? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to tell us!

Gun Gun的老母亲给Gun Gun送了一张小床。写完之后,Gun Gun会赚钱!money!表面!向上!您在家中最喜欢哪一碗面条?欢迎在评论区留言告诉我们!

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